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Mens cotton comfortable lounge pants

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My husband hasn’t owned a good pair of sleep pants in awhile, since he has been losing weight, as he usually wear a large in sleep pants, They came in the mail yesterday and I told him he needs to wear these and let me know how they feel, are the comfortable and so forth, He was like Yes mam,Well he put them on and they fit perfect, not to snug not to loose, he loves the charcoal color. Also, the draw string is a plus so he can tighten them if he needed to, I felt the texture, while he was wearing them and they are super soft cotton feeling. We live in Florida so we were skeptical if they were going to be too hot and he sweats a lot. Well it is 11:15pm Eastern time on December 3rd. He has been asleep for the past 3 1/2 hours and he hasn’t woken up yet, in fact we have our fan on low, and the window unit isn’t even on which typically he complains he is hot or cold, as he has had both hip and knee replacement so sleep pants and shorts stretchy help him a lot. The fact he hasn’t complained and took them off to sleep in his boxers is a major plus. This is a super excellent investment. He is happy and finally getting some sleep, and I am happy cause I don’t hear him complain its too cold or hot, so it’s a win win situation and it helps his hip and knee.

Disclaimer : I received these soft comfortable cotton sleep pants at a major discount rate in exchange for this honest unbiased review..


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