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pixel BELLO TUTTI Woman Faux PU Leather Wallet Right Pink BELLO TUTTI Woman Faux PU Leather Wallet Right Pink



I needed nice durable sturdy wallet to not just hold my bank cards, but to also hold insurance cards and my money. I go through about 3 to 4 wallets a year. They ether fall about cause its not good binding, or all my cards don’t fit. With the Bello Tutti which is made of PU Leather, This wallet is very durable and sturdy. It fits everything I need. I like the binding of the wallet and how sleek the wallet is, there is inside a place for change and places for your money and cards. I can see this wallet lasting so much longer then the other wallets I have. I don’t like fabric wallets as I have notice they don’t stay together very much and that PU leather lasts a lot longer, my mother in law has a few and they stay in great shape. They have many colors to choose from, I chose the pink one as I have everything pink.

But, once again I have nothing bad to say about this wallet, the durability and sturdiness is very important and I am very impressed with this wallet and I hope to see if they have a matching purse for this.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate for a honest my words unbiased review.


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