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Sport Ropes 3 Rope Titanium Necklace (Pink/Black/White, 22″)

This is a elegant 3 rope titanium necklace. You can’t even tell it is titanium the rope is so thick. I wear this necklace every day, I never take it off. In fact I even wear it in the shower and I wash it soap and water and let it dry. There are plastic enclosures to keep the necklace in place. This necklace comes in 14 other color combinations. It also comes in various sizes. This is a nice durable necklace great for a girl, boy, man or women. This is perfect for your athletic player. This necklace is also called the Baseball Necklace. A lot of Baseball players wear this necklace.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for this review


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