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Tree of Life Heart Urn Necklace and Pendant Stainless Steal Keepsake Set Offered



I have a few cremation necklaces, one each for my grandparents, one for my daughter who was stillborn. My mom recently passed and I had her ashes in a little baggie. When I came across this one , I fell in love with it and I am grateful I was one of the chosen ones to review this necklace. all my necklaces are either white gold or stainless steal. I like stainless steal the best when it comes to important jewelry cause you don’t get the scratches and its tough when you work or if you have kids they are very durable. The stones in the necklace really make the necklace stand out , that if you look at it, you wouldn’t even know it was a cremation necklace. I love the tree of life necklace that I took tweezers and put a little bit of each of my family, so I can hold them all together and not have to wear a bunch of necklaces at once and just one that as a little bit of each member in it, This kit includes the stainless steel necklace , a velvet pouch that the necklace comes in, it also come with the fill kit so you can easily put the ashes in the heart necklace with out making a mess. This is beautiful and a amazing recommendation to everyone I know.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for a honest non biased review


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