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You! Lingerie Very Sexy Maternity Nursing Bra with Sizing up to J Cups (32B, White)

I had a baby 15 months ago, I am not breastfeeding nor did I plan to with this baby. I have tried many bra’s and none of them either fit right or were comfortable. I was to the point before this bra that I was going to give up!! When I applied to review and was accepted to review this sexy bra I was thinking , is this going to be another turn down for me, I lost hope. I know it says Maternity nursing bra, but you don’t have to be pregnant, or nursing to own one of these. When I took it out of the pink plastic sealed bag I was amazed how wonderful it looked. I can tell you I seen many sexy cute bra’s and like I said I was always let down by it not fitting right or it was uncomfortable. The inside of the bra is like a nice texture and its hot pink, the straps on the top where you undo the bra to nurse has a hot pink bow on each side. The clips on the bra where the bows are are hot pink also and the center bow is too. The white material is a silky texture and the black is a beautiful its a see through black with a shiny silver color. With the back on the bottom of each of the front sides with the pink bow it looks like a butterfly. The back of the bra all the way to the clasps is white, the clasps in the back are black and the clippings are silver. There are 4 closures for sizing, so if you are pregnant or if your unhappy with the fitting you can either go tighter or looser. What makes this bra so unique is if you are using it to nurse unlike most nursing bra’s is when you unhook to nurse there is a giant hole, which your breast just hangs out, with this typical bra when you undo the hooks yes you can see there is a slight hole as you can see in the pictures, but you have to just bend the cup down to nurse. Like I said I am not pregnant nor do I nurse but if I was I would still buy this bra hands down, it is very sexy, comfortable and it fit perfect, I didn’t have to worry about coverage, nor support. It kept me very supported and I was able to move around without having to step out of the room or hurry up and fix myself, it supported me that good. But if you are going to breastfeed, you wouldn’t have to worry about your nursing pad to be seen or if your not wearing a nursing pad and your into your pregnancy you think to yourself my nipples are hard people are going to notice even if your not pregnant you probably worry about that too. This has a very comfortable lining which hides that from happening. Also I got a 32B, which having a child 15 months ago and I didn’t nurse I went down from a D to a B now. But upon reading into this product before getting it cup sizes B, C, AND D has no underwire so there is no need to worry about when washing the bra so many times the wire is going to come out. But if you do want underwire is a option you can go with, if you went with the no underwire and you are wondering why it holds up so wonderful its because is has bust band to keep you upheld and coverage. If I could give more stars I would but , they only go up to 5 star rating. I will recommend this product to new mothers to be or nursing mommies, or if you just want to look sexy and feel sexy and comfortable this is the bra to go with!!

Disclaimer : I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for this review, this review is my honest opinion and it is not biased. It worked for me, but it may not work for everyone. But the above review is how I felt about the product with honesty entirely.


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