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Folgers Coffee Enhancers


“I’m a member of the Crowdtap Folgers® rewards program, and Folgers sent me a sample of its Folgers Flavors™ Coffee Enhancers to review, I love my coffee, I don’t like hot coffee, I like mine cold, so when i got the opportunity to try out the new folgers enhancers I was thrilled, There are are 4 amazing flavors; hazelnut, mocha, vanilla, and caramel, I don’t have a favorite flavor in fact I like them all, if I have a choice I would pick Hazelnut and least would be Caramel. I shared the samples with friends and family, infact thy each got one pf each flavor and I kept a set for myself. I did do something to try out. I was out of coffee so , I tried it with milk. Due to I just got my package this morning. It came last week,but my husband had surgery and I was with him and was not home to be able to pick up the package then. But, I did try them out and I will be going to the store this weekend of September 18 to get coffee and try it in that, but having it in milk was a major yummy drink!!

Thank you Crowd Tap for having me as a member and to Sample the 4 new flavors of Folgers Coffee Enhancers.


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