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Here are some links to get free e-books, if your just starting out and love to read then check these links out but hey its free who can complain and for free.

I found from searching the web and came across these

Hope everyone enjoys

Action: Linky

Adventure: Linky

Advice: Link

Arts: Linky

Biographies: Linky

Business: Linky

Children: Linky

Classic: Linky

Comics: Linky

Computers: Linky

Contemporary Fiction: Linky

Cooking: Linky

Drama: Linky

Entertainment: Linky

Erotica: Linky

Family: Linky

Fantasy: Linky

Fiction: Linky

Food: Linky

Gay: Linky

Gay & Lesbian (Fiction): Linky

Graphic Novels: Linky

Historical Fiction: Linky

History: Linky

Home: Linky

Horror: Linky

How-To: Linky

Humor: Linky

Internet: Linky

Investing: Linky

Jokes: Linky

Literary Fiction: Linky

Lifestyle: Linky

Memoirs: Linky

Military: Linky

Mystery: Linky

Non-Fiction: Linky

Parenting: Linky

Poetry: Linky

Politics: Linky

Public Domain: Linky

Reference: Linky

Religion: Linky

Romance: Linky

Science: Linky

Science Fiction: Linky

Short Stories: Linky

Spirituality: Linky

Sports: Linky

Teens: Linky

Thriller: Linky

Travel: Linky

War: Linky

Young Adult: Linky

Western: Linky

Wine: Linky

World Literature: Linky


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