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I do a lot of freebie searching, as a female and getting my monthly mother nature I have to use certain types of feminine products. I don’t know if it has to deal with the material they use but I tend to break out. I certainly can not use tampons but that does not mean others can’t, So with my freebie searching I came across some free samples of U by kotex which is a new product line, they had a choice of 3 different sample packs, one was tampons , one was for light or regular flow and one was for heavy flow. I have what they call endometriosis, so my periods are not only heavy but very painful. I cant use regular tampons or pads , I have to go with the heavy flow and sometimes they don’t work. SO, I asked my husband if it was work the try to try them out since it was a free sample and he said I was better off with the heavy flow package. I was very impressed when using them, I have not had a period but I just had a baby and if you have children you know you bleed for a few weeks so they tell you to wear pads. I unfortunately had heavy episodes. Which the samples came just in time. When using them they did not leak through and ruin my underwear, and it held a odor control which most feminine products don’t do that, they say they do but in reality in my experience it never helped. I was very pleased and will purchase this line but I also will purchase the poise pads which are meant for uncontrollable urine leakage, but when my period hits to being really heavy where I would go through a heavy kotex pad in a hour I go to the next step and use a poise pad that helps for overnight. I am really happy that feminine companies give out samples like this. I don’t have the website on hand it may be in one of my post on the main page or under post , but I recommend checking them out.


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