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Aveda smooth infusion



As a shespeaks member you get the chance to try out new products. I was a lucky one and got to try out the aveda smooth infusion. Its for those who have loosen curls or wavy hair for a straight style. So, how does this work you apply the creame to towel dry hair in sections, you can use towel dry, blow dryer or flat iron. This has also been tested on all types of curly hair. It is safe for relaxed and colored treated hair. This creame helps progressive loosens curls to have a straighten hair look, a plant derived fibers attach to the hair helping hold your straighten hair for days. I use this once a week as it holds my curls straight for weeks at a time. it also defends the friz that comes along with the curls. I was very happy with this product and would recommend this to family and friends who have difficulty keeping the straight hair look , it can be used for a regular day or a girls night out on the town.


This comes from my own opinion and received this free in exchange for a review


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