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Beauty Lashious Eyelash curler


I recieved this free in ecxhange for a honest unbiased review. I am a make up junkie, I love to have the latest products when they come out. I a major blogger which I review just about everything. Its a major part of my life, I like reviewing , not only does it help master and helps to see it if it fits my needs or anyone in my family. I always am nonbiased. I feel if it don’t like it or it doesn’t help it may work for others, SO, when I was sent the Salon quality eyelsh curler in red I was estatic. I didn’t care about the color, all I cared about was how well it would do its job!. Well when I applied my mascara , and placed my lashes in the curler , I was thrilled at the results. The top part of the curler didn’t have a rubber grip, like the  bottom of the curler gripper. The quality of the eyelash curl was amazing. It lasted all day without having to redo the curl. Also, unlike other curlers you see the mascara residue left over and with this one there was no, notice of any marks or residue. Another plu was the handles of the curler. I noticed a lot of curlers have over sized handleds that are difficult for those with small hands. I have small hands myself and I was pleased how well they fit so perfect in my hand, its like they were ment and made for petite hands.

Once again, I recieved these free inexchanged for this review and I am hoping and maybe they will contact me to review more products for them.


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