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Better Tweez-Eyebrow Tweezers-For Men & Women-Stainless Steel-Slant Tip-Sharp-Hand Filed-Professional Quality-Hot Pink-Lifetime Guarantee

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I am Italian and I have long eyebrows to the point it causes me to have a uni brow. I hate that so much. I have tried many tweezers and not of them seem to get all the hair especially the unibrow. The other ones the end of the tweezers and the pointy or sharp which these better tweez – eyebrow works wonders. They have a nice sharp safe pointy end. When You are using them , they don’t pinch as hurt. I fell in love with them. Best part of all they have a nice grip to them so they won;t slip out of my hand. Also, when you are twee-zing it just dont pull 1 or 2 hairs , it grabs and good amount.” IN MY OPINION COMPARED TO OTHERS THESE PULL MORE HAIRS OUT THEN OTHERS I have tried. But these are my opinions , they may not work for everyone but they worked for me.

Declaimer  : I recieved these as a discount rate for this honest review!!!


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