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Chap Stick 24hr Care

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This is a new kind of chap stick that is out, I was super excited that I was chosen for another mission from smiley 360. This time is for chapped lips. I tend to get very chapped lips going into the fall winter.  This is a 2 sided chapstick , the Yellow end is for day time conditioning which it also has SPF 12 skin/sunscreen protection, so if your out on a bright sunny day like it is down here in Tampa Florida, then you need this, but then you think what happens to your lips when it wears down and it turns to night and the moisture is losing its shine softness, this is where the blue tip side comes in, it is for the night time , it replenishes overnight from the workout it had done during the day with the sun. It has Tamanu oil(which in easy terms is significant skin healing agent)It has natural butter and antioxidants. This is terrific in stead of having to buy 2 different product just get the 24 hour day and night chap stick care


I RECEIVED THIS FREE FROM SMILEY360. I love having the opportunity to try out products and now having a blog it strengths my horizon on my writing.  THIS IS MY OWN WORDS, NOT EVERYONE WILL EXPERIENCE THE SAME THAT I did. So this is how I felt about the product.



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