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Clara Clark Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Travel Pillow, Large, White

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I have neck issues, I been in many car accidents that it bending or moving my neck long periods of time cause severe uncomfortable. I work a lot online so my neck is bent a lot of the time as I either use my laptop or if I am out on the go I use my tablet to write down appointments and other stuff. When I got the chance to review this I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if it would be comfortable or how the texture would be around my neck. When receiving this I was very pleased to see it was made out of Hypoallergenic memory foam. Which on top of my neck issues, I have allergies. Since using this pillow I have had complete comfort, and my allergies have not been a issue. I like that the cover comes off so I can wash it, I also like the snap button to keep the pillow in place. I like the soft velour bamboo cover which makes it soft and cuddling. I like that you don’t just have to use it around the neck, I sometimes stretch it out and use it to cuddle with. But this is a great travel pillow besides using it around the house. Its everything I been looking for in travel pillow or just comfort around my neck.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate for exchange for a honest unbiased review


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