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Creativelife Fashion Woman Cosmetic Bags Large Volume Waterproof Makeup Bag (Pink)

bag WIN_20160628_13_57_04_Pro

I am very disappointed with this make-up bag. It says Large but It looks like a small or medium bag. There is not a enough room to hold most of you make up , deodorant and other make-up. This bag was very disappointed which I gave if 2 stars, I gave it 2 for how fast it cam and the color. I will not purchase another one nor will I have friends and family recommend this bag. It was a compete let down. Inside the bag was also a let down, its not anything like it described, for the description saying Large cosmetic bag, is way out of line and by far in my honest unbiased review is a lie, As, you can see there is no way this is a large bag.

I received this at a discount review in exchange for a honest unbiased review.


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