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I was chosen to review the petunia skincare derma roller. I was a little skeptical to use this on my face as I tend to be afraid of needles and that this contained 540 needles at 1.oomm so I thought they were so tiny they may not hurt or I may not notice it. As, everything I do I read the instructions and made sure my face was clean and dry before using this product. Make sure you clean the affected area of the skin the most. When applying make sure you use a steady pace with normal pressure. You don’t want to go to deep into the skin as you can irritate it more or even make you bleed a little. You would want to rub vertical , horizontal  and diagonally to get the most of the product. It is also recommended to apply a active ingredient or  skin care product for a faster absorbent.


There are some advantages I am going to tell you about which I noticed worked for me, it may not for others.

1.It reduced minor wrinkles and fine lines I have been experiencing.

2.It helped with the cellulite I was experiencing, as being pregnant for 8 months I noticed that I could tell the beginning signs of cellulite.

3 I also when I was a child I was bitten by a dog and it left scaring and since using this product it helped the scars not to become very noticeable.

4. I really haven’t noticed it but it can help with increased large pores. But, if you have them I recommend trying out this product to see if it will help you.

5. This is the most important positive reaction that I love the most and that is it tightens the skin and smooths it out, meaning when I was applying my make-up you could see my skin droop. Since using it , and applying the make-up I noticed a tightened smooth texture.


Now here are some advantages, I have experienced some , some may have not but here they are.

1. You have the visible and improvements which I have noticed since using the product for 3 weeks now.

2. This is cheaper then having to go to a dermatologist  which can cost a pretty penny when your on a budget.

3. Compared to going to see a specialist the healing time can take up to weeks to months, but while using this product healing time can be from hours to at least 2 weeks that I have noticed.

4.  As, going to a specialist you can have a increase of them damaging the skin. This product leaves no permanent damage as the needles are so small.

5. There is a high absorbent of active ingredients that helps with faster healing and healthier skin.


I absolutely loved the product , it is very worth the price, as I got this free for doing this review.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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