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Detangling Brush For Women, Kids And Men. Pink Color Detangler Brush For Wet And Dry Hair. The Hair Brush For Tangle Free Natural Hair.

My hair has to be perfect, downfall of all it is, that I have thick hair, and trying to get a brush through it is a nightmare!!, I have had many diffrent types of brushes and half of them I have to us a obscene amount of conditioner to use a brush through my hair. when this
Detangling Brush made my dreams come true. I use a little less conditioner more and more each day. I love how I can wake up each morning just being able to brush my hair and not have to deal with the tangles. My hair is so important that I brush my hair more then 4 times a day. This brush is so important to me that it is part of my everyday way ritutal for my beauty techniques.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount for my own opinion and very unbiased


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