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Detangling wet or dry hair brush

his is a perfect little hair brush for that little princess you have. I got this for my 18month old as she is always using my hair brush to brush her hair. She has a issue where she has to be clean at all times , she climbs into the tub to let me know she wants a bath everyday. She is almost potty trained and she brushes her teeth 4 times a day if we let her. So , we were looking for a brush for her little hands and that she can have a nice grip on it without flipping out she can’t the back of her head. With this brush it is the perfect size she can reach the back of her head to brush the back hair. Her hair sticks up soo much that she has so many fly aways that when we brush her hair we have to wet it for it all to stay brushed until she starts to sweat and then her hair is everywhere all over again. I love the unique squiggly (which is what it looks like to me) I used it through my hair as I have shoulder length and very thick , so trying to get a brush in it can be difficult that I have actually broken a few brushes that my hair is so thick. I end up having to use a ton of conditioner, but when I used this brush I didn’t have to use as much conditioner while using this brush.. Before, giving it to my little one since the older kids have their own brush and they are in school , I don’t want to deal with head lice so each of the other older girls have their own brushes and they are not allowed to use one another, I also have a big NO NO they are not to use there hair brush on the baby who is 18 months, she not only loves to brush her hair but she loves to turn the brush around and look into the mirror, Yes there is a mirror on the back of the brush. Once she is happy with her hair she looks in the mirror with the biggest grin on her face. I have to say I have 2 Tom Boys who are girls, well when they fell like being a it is just how they are and on the other hand Alexia who is like I said is 18 months is a 100 percent girly girl. She has to make sure her teeth are brushed, her hair is brushed and she has to have her shoes and socks on just to walk around the house. So I have to say this brush is the greatest investment for a little princess or for you 7 to 10 year old. but particularly I feel this is for smaller kids.


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