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Exuviance Peel


I was chosen to review the Exuviance Peel , Although it was not the full size bottle they still asked if I would like to try out at least a sample. I told them I would be happy to it was better then nothing.

I really never experienced a product like this before. I couldn’t believe this was a 2 step process for one.

Step one : Make sure your face is clean and dry, if its damp, take a dry wash cloth and make sure you skin is completely dry. This will help avoiding certain areas of your skin if its sensitive. Monitor your skin for appearances such as burning, itching, any kind of redness tingling or peeling. This is the activation process, the next step is the Neutralizer pad which is the main ingredient so have softer radiant skin.

Step two: After 10 minutes of monitoring your skin you will apply the Neutralizer pad, or apply it when you see the first sign of discomfort or redness. Then you will thoroughly rinse with water, making sure the product has been clearly rinsed. After that apply a moisturizer to your skin.

When I did these steps it didn’t even take 10 minutes to feel the discomfort or redness it was a little over 7 minutes it started to take affect. After doing the step one and two I started to feel the comfort and hoping this will help the fine lines and wrinkles I have been experiencing. I was a smoker from the time I was 15 to the age of 24, I started noticing the lines and wrinkles until I quit, I have tried many different products to see if there is something out there that would work. As now I am at the age of 30 the wrinkles and fine lines are starting to show more and more.

I did indeed purchase this product after using it, and purchased the Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex moisturizer, as the instructions suggested.

Also in the direction in the Warning statement it states “if using tropical prescriptions or taking the prescription Accutane, or had tropical procedures such as microdermabrasion or hair removal performed within one week of starting this product of the peel may increase skin sensitivity to the peel.” Also, it recommends using sunscreen daily.

I been using this product a little of 2 1/2 week and have been noticing a significant difference. If applied twice a day for a month you will hopefully see improvements.

This product is not for everyone and everyone’s results may be different.

This is my opinion and result of using this product. I recieved free in exchanged for this honest review from Brand Backer


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