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Facial brush, USpicy Facial Cleansing Brush Set-Remove Blackheads, and Improve Skin Tone (Features 4 Unique Brush Heads, IPX5 Waterproof Design, 2 Speeds Settings, Works with All Skin Types)




I have to say USpicy has many great products. This facial brush is one of them, it is very reasonably priced. I have a few facial brushes at home and nothing can really compare to this one. I have high end dollar ones and I just don’t feel if my face is clean enough.

With this cleansing brush set you get 4 types of attachments. It takes 2 AA batteries which are included with this set.
1. latex sponge- This brush is perfect if you have sensitive skin, but if you are allergic to latex I wouldn’t use it as it is made out of latex. But it made for sensitive skin.
2.cuticles brush – This one you want to use to remove dead skin I recommend using this one 2 to 3 times a week, if you have dry skin I would use 3 times a week.
3.soft brush – This is for deep cleaning. To remove dirt and bacteria that is deep in the pores of your skin. This one I suggest to use daily
4. massage roller – This roller is for after cleaning your skin, it helps bring firmness back into your pores.

I like that it comes with a really nice carrying case that is perfect for traveling with, also how to clean your device , I recommend reading the instructions cause when you clean your device, you want to clean by rinsing it lightly with water and use a soft bristle brush, After each use you want to take each attachment off and rinse them and air dry them , you want to clean the brushes weekly with warm water or rinse them with a mild soap and rinse with warm water to make sure you get all the dirt and dry skin out of the bristles. That way bacteria doesn’t ruin the brushes.

There are some cautions with this product that you should follow such as:
If your skin is irritated or damage do not use
The brushes are not ment to be used with other products or devices
Gently use on your skin, dont put major force onto the skin while using this device,
If you are not going to use for a long period of time remove the batteries, so they dont corrode the battery compartment
Clean regularly to keep it in good condition and last but not least keep away from children, it is not ment for kids.

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchange for a honest non biased review.


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