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Facial Cleaning Brush



I love this little facial brush with 5 heads plus you receive 2 extra brush heads. This is perfect for the teenager or for any older age women. It does not include batteries so you have to purchase them on your own. But my favorite brush is the facial cleaning brush it cleaned away all the make up debris, oil and dirt from my face. I feel 5 times cleaner then I did, before I was using the washcloth with soap and water. Since using this I feel so much relief that there is hope with my age and all. This one I do feel its more for a young teen who is just starting out. With the price and all this is a steal of a deal. I will be getting my niece one who is just starting puberty one, as she is starting getting pimples and is constantly washing her face with products, and I told her facial brushes are so much better cause of the circular motion so it helps with cleaning the skin better.

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchange for a review


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