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Glow2Go Self Tanning Towelettes



I love tanning, I live in Florida, so people are wondering why I need towelettes self tanning, well 2 reasons, its hard to tan when you have a baby cause of the sun they can only stay out so long and 2 I am Italian, I tan very easy and I don’t like to keep going out in the sun and ruining my skin, cause the sun is the leading cause of cancer. I like the option of self tanning at times. With these towelettes they come in a pack of 20, so you can use them 1 to 2 times a day its your choice , they are safe to use, only thing is they have the sun tan lotion smell to them. If you see in the picture what surprised me was how you can get a self tan with just a white towelette. It looks like there is nothing on it. I been using them for about 2 weeks now and I have noticed that in fact they do really work. You can use them if you have sensitive skin. Each towelette will produce Quick,Even,Streak Free Natural Looking Tan In less then 4 hours. 1 application last about a week, depending on how your skin type.
I used these right after drying off after a shower. The towel is like a baby wipe and you just need to wipe wherever you want to be tan. I started out wearing rubber gloves but it was hard to wipe with them on so I took them off. While applying it goes on clear and dries quickly so I got kind of worried since I couldn’t see where I had already done but everything turned out fine. It took 3 towels to do my whole body and face. The towels have no scent and no odor. I washed my hands twice after application so they would not get stained. The package said not to get dressed for 10 minutes. I got dressed after probably 5.

The wait: I will admit I was scared, you never know what your going to get with self tanners. My skin felt good and was not greasy or sticky. There was a tiny tiny tiny bit of self tanner smell. I emphasize the word tiny here. After the 4 hours I noticed a really nice glow. I was actually really surprised how nice it looked. I live in Florida so I know what a real tan looks like and this looks real. It is subtle so I will need to do it again to get a darker look. My hands never got stained either.

The verdict: This is so easy! I’ve tried lotions, sprays, and foams and this the easiest by far. You just wipe and your done. And I did not have to do anything crazy beforehand. I have absolutely NO streaks anywhere and it looks natural. I am really impressed with these towels and I’m going to use them in the winter when my real tan fades.

I received these free in exchanged for this review


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