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Impress waterproof manicure


I am a busy mom of 3 girls ages 1, 8 and 9. They keep me on my toes at all times. I wake up every morning at 6:20am to get them ready for school Monday thru Friday. Weekends seem to give me a little peace, but my 16 month old has severe separation anxiety so bad that I can’t even got to the store. I used to go get my nails done every month before I had baby number 3. I didn’t get them done while I was pregnant due to the fact I was already high risk I didn’t want to take any chances. Now that she is 16 months I just don’t have time. My schedule is so busy I can’t really find time to myself. My daily routine is waking up in the morning, putting the baby on the potty as she is wanting to be potty trained, after that I make sure the 2 older girls are up getting ready for school. Once 7:10am hits they leave the house and walk to school as the school is right down the street. Once they leave I am on my feet with the baby. Feeding her breakfast, making her magic milk we call it (Strawberry mix and 2 percent milk). She no longer takes naps as much, now she just gets into everything. She turns the sound surround channel to change the input, which we are making a self to put that up high. Once 10 am hits I am on the phone making Physical Therapy appointments for my husband as in February 2014 he had complete hip replacement at the age of 28, due to having brain lesions back in 2012 caused deterioration of the blood vessels and bone, joints and cartilage. So, the only hope he had then was the complete hip replacement, I was 4 months pregnant at the time and still taking care of my other 2 children. Then Back in May he started to feel pain and his legs would give out on him and that’s when we found out he needed a complete knee replacement. This time the surgery was harder on me as, the kids were out of school and the baby just turned 1. Ever since she was born I have been the main caregiver since my husband is unable to do the things he used to, So daily I sweep, mop, wash clothes, pull something out to make for dinner to defrost in the morning. By the time everything is done it is about 830 – 9 at night and I am beat tired , that I just don’t have the time or energy to pamper myself. So, as a busy schedule mom and wife I was chosen to review the impress instant manicure. I was sent 2 sets which each set has 30 nails in them. They are so easy to apply, find the right size nail for each finger and place them in order for each finger. 1st you would want to wash your hands really good and dry them. Then, each nail has a piece of plastic hanging, you want to pull it off and place it on your nail. Once you have them all on you do not want to do anything for at least a hour. The first 30 minutes you want to press on the nails to make sure the stick securely. The other 30 minutes is to make sure the nails are settled. Thankfully it comes with 30 nails cause when I used the first set I didn’t do step 2 as the baby needed me, then the hubby wanted something, so that first set of 10 nails went to waste. So when I redid the nails I followed the steps and they stayed on for about 2 1/2 weeks. One major plus about these compared to the impress nails first came out they were not waterproof. These sets that I received are waterproof, so taking a shower, washing clothes and dishes are no longer a issue. What I like about this is that I can do a quick manicure in under a hour and thirty minutes, and its right in my own home. I feel these nails are a must have for anyone with a busy schedule just not for moms.

Disclaimer: I was so pleased to receive these 2 sets of nails free for in exchange for a review. Powered by BrandBacker”. You can purchase at your local walmart, target, cvs and walgreens. You can also go to this website and see all the different colors and designs they carry at

These are great and I will be buying more as since being introduce through brandbacker to try them out , I am able to make time in my busy schedule at home to pamper my nails.


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