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As many Product reviewer companies I belong to one of them is BrandBacker. I have received many products to review from them. I was super excited to be accepted by Kiss to review the Instawave curler. I see it on Tv a lot but was always unsure of it. So when I received it in the mail I couldn’t be more thrilled , considering the holidays coming up I like to get dressed up or sometimes just to make myself up for my husbamd. I have 2 kids a 7 and 8 year old. My 7 year old has really long hair and she is a girly girl like her momma lol :D. The other is more of a Tom Boy. But, I am going to try it out with my 8 year old with short hair.

Their are steps to go by to get started:
Step 1. If you want loose curls then you would want a low setting.
If you want tighter curls then you would choose the high setting.

Step 2/3. If you want a loose curl or wavy then you would hold for 3-5 seconds on low
For medium curls you would hold for 4-9 seconds on low or high
If you want the tighter curl look then you hold for 6-10 seconds on High.
Once you see the blue ligh your ready to go, make sure you place the instawave parallel along length. approx 1 to 2 in. section for it to work.

Step 4. When you pres the button it will begin the curl barrel. There is a curl dial that will automatically catch the hair.

Step 5. Continue pressing the button until the hair is fully around the barrel. Once its around the barrel release the button and allow the barrel to heat and curl.

Step 6. After the hair is curled slowly guide the instawave straight down to realse beautiful curls. DO NOT RELEASE THE CURLER DIAGONALLY!!!

Step 7. Do not brush the curls until the curls are cooled down.

Step 8. Repeat all the steps for the entire head.

It has a max heat of 420 degrees to help lock into tighter professional looking curls. Also what I like about it, is unlike other curlers I tend to forget to shut it off , with this one after 90 minutes it automatically shuts off.
You can purchase this at for $59.99

As, you can see the pictures of the girls they love the lovely locks in their hair. Go to the following link to see the step by step instructions as to what I did.

First link is the long hair demonstration :

The second link is the Short Hair demonstration :

I received this free in exchange for the instawave curler review.


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