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LAVO Clarifying Facial Cleanse



I love this facial cleanser , it didn’t irritate my skin and I was able to use it with my facial brush. It have a really fresh smell to it which I loved. I didn’t break out nor did it make my skin dry out. I used this 2 times a day in the morning and then in the afternoon, part of my beauty routine. One thing I have to say is that I love that it helped removed the make up off my face with no irritation. You may think oh the price is too much for a beauty product, but if you want great results and felling fresh with no breakouts then price shouldn’t matter for a great quality product.The cleanser can be drying as it is geared more towards oily skin types so make sure to moisturize afterwards. With that information it is NOT RECOMMENDED for SENSITIVE Skin

Disclaimer: I received this either free or a discount rate in exchange for a honest review


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