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LED UV Nail Dryer USpicy

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I am a real girly girl and plus I have 2 girls that are 9 and 10. They always want their nails painted but they tend to not wait and get nail polish everywhere. I reviewed a nail dryer before by Uspicy but it doesn’t compare anything like this one. The other one was just a simple nail dryer with UV lights. This one is more elegant and sleek. Here is what comes with it:
– LED Lamp
– USB powered light
– Cable
– Cloth

There is a nice comfortable hand rest on the top to place your wrist on it while painting your nails, and if you need more lighting there is a usb powered up light that attaches to the back of the dryer. There is a cover where you place your hand one at a time that you can pull down to give you less UV light from hurting your eyes if you choose to, also it comes with cleaning cloth.
On the back of the machine there are 3 button settings that you can press, 30, 60, and 120 seconds to have on to dry your nails. I love this particular one compared to the other USpicy nail dryer I have, like I said its elegant and more professional looking. I think after trying it, the price they are asking for it is very reasonable if you want that salon style drying.



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