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I love make up, especially nail polish,I have 3 girls and 2 of the are 9 and 10. They always ask if they can get their nails painting, only problem is I have to hunt all my nail polish down I have so much,in fact I have a storage locking case filled with nail polish and by the time I take them all out and put them on the table to choose a color that takes another 15 to 20 minutes. I have to organize by color or what will I wear to match my outfit. I been looking for a nail polish durable one at that for awhile and they have always been in the high price range. I asked a few friends and family which they have a few and they told me the ones they have , that they shouldn’t have paid what they did for it cause the nail polish never stayed steady on their racks and they lost a lot of polishes from them falling off the rack. As, a reviewer I get many emails a day asking me if I want to review products from them for a little to no cost. Well I was checking my email one day and my wish came true that day, I had a email from a company asking me to review a nail polish rack at a discount rate. I talked to my husband which I always talk to him before any purchases even though being disabled and not working cause of my health, I turned to reviewing products , so my voice in writing can be heard. So when I got the green light to be able to review this, I got to choose 1 out of 3 colors. I ended up choosing pink , which I love Pink , everything I mostly have is pink I love it so much. I could not wait to get my polish rack. When It came in the mail I was ecstatic. It came in bubble wrap to protect the metal from being bent or broken. There is 3 tiers to hold you nail polish, you can hold more small bottles of nail polish then big bottles. You don’t have to use this to hold nail polish if you don’t want to you, you can hold scented oil for your diffuser if you wanted to, so there are many options to choose what it can hold. Also it come with screws if you want to screw it to the wall, I chose not to screw it to the wall, I ended up setting it on my dresser to hold some of my nail polish and some for my oils. I am thinking when it comes to Christmas time to get a few for my nieces as they love beauty supplies and nail polish

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for a honest non biased review


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