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One direction makeup review

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Do you have a teen that loves One Direction or, are you a young adult that loves sticking out with crowds with your exotic make-up due. Well I am here to tell you about the One Direction make-up collection. There are 3 different styles 1.Little Black Dress 2.Midnight Memories and 3.Up All Night. I received from the opportunity to try one of these collections before they hit stores.

It was nerve racking waiting for the make-up to come in the mail. I was surprised it came by fedex and I freaked when I got the Up all night collection. This one is a bold collection, each set comes in a collective tin, and bonus in each set are doodle stencils.
So, your wondering what comes with it, well I’ll give a in depth information;
1. 4+1 eyeshadow: neutrals color is called More than this, soft pink is called Gotta be you, Silver shimmery color is called Save you tonight, Light blue is called Another world and the last one is Shimmery blue (very glittery). I loved how the colors are ,when applying them it looked like it would be very dark, but was very impressed how light they actually turned out. If you like the edge but classy look then these colors are for you.

2. Little black dress- This is the mascara, its bold vivid and makes those baby blues stick out. I love the strength this mascara puts out. It doesn’t clump your lashes or run when sweating. I was thrilled and I hope they would sell this separately I love this!!

3. NA NA NA – This is the metallic aqua blue nail polish. I am a nail polish fanatic :D, I love all colors, I was very pleased how metallic the color was, I prefer dark bold shiny colors. This particular one gets a A plus for vivid and non chipping. When you put it on its dark aqua, and when you go in the sun or light, it looks like a like green and to me it looks kinda sparklery. This is a edgy color.

4. Taken – Glow Gloss, This is a very unique and voluminzing for those luscious plumped lips, but this glittery pink lip gloss is not your ordinary lip gloss. When you go in UV black lights it turns the color into a neon orange. This is the 1st of a kind that I have seen that a glorious color turns into a unique glow under florescent lights.

5. I should have you kissed you – This a natural pink looks kinda like bubble gum. Unlike many lipsticks out has the edge to line up the lips to go on easy, this one is this and bubble looking. This is a dull color which is a con, but its the only thing I did not like, many people may like it for an example their age or they just like light colors. But, there were many other perks to the collection then this little down fall.

6. Stand Up – This dark denim eye and body crayon was amazing, not only do you use it for your eyes you can use it on your body. I like this eye crayon due to the fact it comes off easy and very clean like it wasn’t even on there at all. There is a perk to this crayon which I will get to later. This crayon also has a thick tip which helps glide on the eye. I really don’t like the pencils, I prefer the crayon, due to the fact your less likely to have the fear of poking yourself in the eye or trying to get it on the line and having it go deep under the eye.

The last thing about this kit that makes it kick ass is the stencils, Not only can you use it on your body but you can take it and mark your stuff up with a regular pencil or crayons even markers. You just don’t have to use the stencils on your body which it really cool.

This collection is for the young and old, it has everything you need in a collectable tin, for one price you get your lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, stencils, eye crayon and nail polish.
I was very thrilled to say I received this product free in exchanged for this honest unbiased review. Thank you Brand Backer.


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