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ProduSpa Wet Dry Razor



I have been looking for a wet dry razor for awhile now, I am getting tired of having to purchase razor blades, and having to by new razors all the time. Razor blades are more expensive then a actual razor these days. So, instead of buying razor blades I just buy a new razor. So, I been checking into getting a portable razor where I can shave either in or out of the shower. So, when I can across the ProduSpa wet dry razor at a discount price for a review ,I thought to myself why not , what will it hurt.

This razor is small and compact and easy to pack up if you have to travel. It takes 2 AAA batteries which are not included,There is a safety cap covering the razor blade part itself so you dont accidentally cut your self or if it accidentally turned on you don’t injure yourself.

You can adjust the head vertically to skin and you want it close to the skin to get the hair. To remove the hair  you want to pull it the opposite direction to remove the unwanted hair.

You can use this all over the body to remove hair, I used it to remove hair from the bikini line, under arms and legs. I liked that it glided smoothly across the places I wanted the hair gone. Unlike a regular razor when I shave behind the legs I always nip myself, with the electric razor I had no worries about cutting myself.

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchanged for a honest unbiased review


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