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Seya Modern Makeup Artist Cosmetic Case with 4 Slide Out Trays (Purple w/ Black Trim) Offered by Yazmo

make up case small


This is a absolutely gorgeous case. I was completely shocked when I opened the box, I was not expecting a heavy duty elegant train case with lock. I love the lock feature it is added bonus to this case. I can lock up all my valuables with the make up I use.

When I opened the case the 4 drawers pull out and they are nice and deep. The bottom is really deep enough to hold all my makeup. I like using the drawers for my expensive jewelry so my kids can’t get into my valuables.

The material to me is like a nice kinda like a leathery material. On one of the side in a nice emblem has Seya on it. This is really worth the price for this. If you are a professional hair or make up dresser, or if you like to keep tidy and take your stuff on the go, or last but not least just want something to lock up valuables.

Look no more further this is the case for you, I am in love. This case you can expect everything and more from it.

I received this free for my honest non biased opinion. It took me a little over a week to review this in depth.


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