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Sleep Sublime Eye Mask by Smarter Rest






As, a mother of 3 girls , my youngest is 1 at that and her crib is in our room, and since it starts to get light earlier the sunshines directly in my eyes which is horrible cause then I get severe migraines. When I was asked to review the Sleep Sublime Eye Mask by Smarter Rest, I couldn’t wait to try it out. let me tell you its the most comfortable eye mask, its nice and dark when having it over my eyes and plus with the bonus it came with ear plugs, now wearing the mask is one thing but I wont use the ear plugs , cause I won’t be able to hear my little pride and joy. Now if my husband has her out and taking care of her and my 2 older kids are yelling and screaming and he has the baby , I will put the plugs in to give me a little break.

The material is amazing , the mask top part is nice and silky, very elegant. I am not crazy about the ear plugs but they will do to keep the noise level at small demicals, so I can get a little sleep. The mask also has a strap where you can either tighten it or loosen it up. I am very pleased and I couldn’t be more please with this. In fact I am going to be buying a few family members a set for a birthday or maybe even Christmas. I am just am really pleased had the opportunity to let my voice be heard and talk about such a wonderful elegant product.

I received this free for this review


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