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Insta natural Stretch mark cream


WIN_20151010_19_52_16_Pro WIN_20151010_19_52_26_Pro

I am a mother of 2 girls biologically, my last child was a csection baby due to the size she was. I never had stretch marks so bad that I was afraid to wear shorts, skirts or even shorts. I was about to have no hope what soever , Until I was chosen to try out Insta Natural stretchmark and  and scar cream. Which gave me hope since I have stretchmarks and I have a deep csection scar, due to after having my 17 month old they had to cut me back open as I was hemorrhaging. I been using this cream for almost 3 weeks. I apply it 3 times a day and rub it in really good, As you can see in the first picture you can see the stretchmarks a little bit and on the bottom picture they have subsided a lot. I feel this product is a long term use product to use , not just a 1 jar and your completed. I feel the effects and I am really happy with the results.

Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted for exchange for this review


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