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Tobeape Mole Removal Pen

1. Charge the pen before use.
2. Charge via USB ac adapter ( includes charging cable)
3. A white light will blink when the device is charging; When the blinking light is next to the 3, you can use the device
4. To use, unplug from the USB
Install the needles:
1. Before use, wipe the needle with alcohol for disinfection and clean the skin to be applied with the alcohol at the same time.
2. Directly insert the coarse needle into the head of the pen and tighten clockwise.
3. The fine needle should be used with the pinhead cover. Rip the fine pinhead into the pinhead cover, and then insert the pinhead cover into the head of the pen, and then tighten clockwise.

Honestly I was to sure about this but was willing to give it a try since I have a lot of skin tags and I’ve tried the oils and skin creams out on the market and nothing has worked. If you are not one for lasers then this is not the product for you. Basically this is the same type of tool that doctors would use when you go in to get them removed. It basically burns them off they is some pain if you have a tattoo then you will not have an issues with this cause they are 100 times worse pain wise then this pain is. And yes I have 7 tattoo’s so I know what I’m talking about. There is no bleeding or side-effects from using this tool. It comes in a very nice box that you can store the tool in after your finished using it. You charge it by using the USB port that comes with it. It’s fits nicely in your hand and is very comfortable to use. It also comes with several needles small and large ones and even one for removing tattoos. Pick your needle I personally like the large one it’s just a lot easier for me to see and use, clean the needle and the area you will be working on with alcohol and then your ready to start. There are 6 levels of power to use 3 and under for small areas and 3 and higher for lager area’s I just us 5. Then you just hold the button and take the tip of the needle and rub it over the tag. You will see and hear the laser and there will be some smoke as it’s burning it off. Again the pain is minimal to me it’s well worth it to get rid of the gross things. Once you done you just leave it alone keep the area DRY and in a day of two it will fall off. It takes a little over a week for it to be completely healed. I love it and it works great and it’s a lot cheaper then going to the doctor. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking to get rife of moles, skin tags etc….


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