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Uspicy set of 10 brushes



I love U-Spicy products, I have done 2 other products with this company. 1 was another set of make up brushes and the other was a professional uv nail dryer which I absoultly love!!

This time the sent me a set of 10 make up brushes 5 big brush and 5 small brush ones , so your probably asking what is the difference between them well let me tell you.

Brush 1. This is the flat head brush which is used for foundation, its ideal for liquid or powder foundation, as well as applying other powder products.

Brush 2. This is the rounded brush, its used for a bronzer. it has a domed tip that can reach contoured places, that hard to reach places that a flat head brush can’t reach.

Brush 3.Tapered Brush This brush is perfect to paint into the creases and to define the shape of your eyes. But, you can apply powder ,liquid or any other powder make up with it , but I feel this is more for the eyes.

Brush 4. Angled Flat Brush is made with high quality materials. Its angled flat area is expertly designed to buff powder onto your skin, especially around the cheeks.

Brush 5. Paddle Shaped Brush this has a extended handle and is really easy to use. its ideal for powder,foundation, eyeshadow creme.for a picture perfect result.

How to clean the brushes is super easy, you can use a gentle soap  which I use  baby shampoo is the best way to clean your brushes. Run the brushes (bristles) under lukewarm water first and then use the gentle cleaner. When cleaning or massaging make sure you do not press on the bristles.

After cleaning the brushes use a tissue or cosmetic cotton to lightly press on the bristles DO NOT TWIST THE BRISTLES!!!!.

To fully dry the brush, lay the brushes on a dry towel and wait for all the moisture to be released from the brushes. Let it dry by themselve , do not use a hair dryer or put in direct sunlight to dry them. That would ruin the brushes all together.

I recieved these free in exchanged for this review


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