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As a part of reviewing the aragon hair  mask I was also asked if I wanted to review another product with them and I was all for it, as a woman in my early 30’s I have starting to notice the aging progressing. When they asked me to review Youth express age defying I was all for it, Anything that can help with the aging process of the fine lines and wrinkles I was willing to try anything. In the directions it says anyone over the age of 25 should have this moisturizer, I have never used a product that helped hydrate the skin like this product. Its easy to use and quite amazing, no irritation or redness. it helps not only hydrate but puts firmness back into perspective of a natural healthier looking skin. You apply it all over the face and neck , now if you have sensitive skin it advises in the directions to only use at night. Its safe to use under your eyes and under your make up. I was very pleased with the results I had with this product.


And of course I received this free of charge in exchange for this review.


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