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100% Copper Tongue Cleaner Scraper Antibacterial for Optimal Oral Hygiene (Set of 2) / His & Hers / Home & Travel

I have never used a tongue scraper until now. This nice 2 piece is incredible. It comes with a blue and pink handle scraper. I use the pink one and I gave my husband the blue one. I brushed my teeth first before I used this product. Then I washed the scraper with a mild soap and rinsed it with water. I have to say I will clean something before I will put it in my mouth. After I brushed my teeth I then used a simple mouth rinse before using the scraper. After I did that I then took the 2 sides of the scraper and put the 100 percent copper in my mouth and I gently glided the scraper down my tongue in a straight and gentle motion. I can tell you after I used this product for a week my mouth and breath have never been better.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate or for free in exchange for this review.


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