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Coosh Upper arm digital blood pressure machine


I was chosen to review this Coosh Upper arm Digital blood pressure machine. This one unlike the other Coosh blood machine this one is side to side, it holds up to 30 readings, it also tells you if its in range to high, medium or normal. It takes 4 AA batteries which are not included. I have a small arm but I like that the cuff fits tightly around my upper arm with out it hurting as it gets tighter. Unlike the other one this one does not have a carrying case which is a con but not everyone takes one on the road with them. I like to have one around the house, as the other one I use to take with me , but my husband and I watch our blood pressure due to our seizure disorders. This one is perfect, it also tells you your heart rate, What I like about it is that when its setting up to read the numbers and clear and large for those you have not so good eye sight, I wear glasses and sometimes when I don’t have them on I can’t seen nothing. I like that it stores up to 30 cause when I write down my measurements for my blood sugar I tend to forget. Plus with this I take it with me and let the Dr see it so he can monitor it due to the fact some of my medications I am on , make my blood pressure high or makes it drop low to the point I get light headed.


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