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I love my teeth, I used to be a smoker for the age of 15 to 25. If I could take one thing back in life that would be me smoking. I hated it now,  Its so hard to smile cause of the yellow of the teeth. It damaged my enamel of my teeth and also I perdondist disease of the gums due to smoking. Before I was a smoker I had beautiful straight teeth. I could not stop smiling growing up. Now being 30 I hate my smile, I don’t like my picture taken cause you can see they dark yellow plaque and film on them. I have tried so many whitening paste and treatments. I went to a dentist to try it out, tried over the counter , even went as far as spending 30-40 dollars on whitening strips just to be turned down and disappointed. Well as, you can see from my site I review , they are honest and unbiased reviews. I really dont put a product down. Now I would say the product did not work for me , but if you like what you read you should give it a shot.


Well, one of my favorite sites I use is called Smiley360. They send you surveys to see if you fit in any of their upcoming missions. If you do get a email about a mission and you apply for it don’t be upset if you do not qualify for everyone. It all depends on the demographics and some of the other questions to see if you qualify for the product. The amazing thing about this program is if you do qualify for the mission they send the product for free inexchage for a review, face to face communication and social media.

Well this mission I was accepted into has to do with oral hygiene. They sent me the new Crest Pro-Health Hd. Its a 2 step process, I know when I start getting into detail how it works your going to be liike what, thats crazy. But, believe me its well worth it as I am seeing a slow but surely difference.

So you are probably wandering how this 2 step system works?

The system come with 2 pastes , I am going to go step by step and not just jump into part one and then to part 2. SO, here we go!

The toothpastes are made of fluoride toothpaste for anti cavity and antigingivities whitening gel.

This product gives you 6x healthier mouth and 6x whiter teeth in 1 week

Let’s start out with step 1

* Put the step one paste on your toothbrush and brush for 1 minute, to help clean up and loosing the plaque. I know it may tingle or give a slight burning feeling for a minute. But, for me its normal cause of the dental issues I deal with, sensitive gums and so forth. After, the minute is up whatever you do , DO NOT SPIT THE PASTE OUT!!!

*Now we go on to step 2, continue to brush for another minute. The step 2 paste is for polishing and whitening your teeth. After, the minute is up you can finally rinse your mouth and show your pretty getting there white smile. It will take some time depending how bad your teeth are to be whitening.

The name of the step 1 paste is the Purifying Cleanser, the step 2 paste is called Perfecting Gel.

I been using this a little over 2 weeks and started to notice a small difference. I brush my teeth 2 times a day with this 2-step system. I won’t lie , I have missed a few days of brushing im telling you it was difficult I am trying to get on schedule but I am trying to set a example for my 2 old children a 8 year old step daughter and a 7 year old biological daughter to get in the habit of brushing 2 times a day. I even bought tooth and gum cleanser for my 8 month old to get her in a habit of brushing. The price is very reasonable for a 2 step system. I seen it as low as 25 dollars. But, I recieved this free inexchanged for my honest unbiased opinion.

Thank you smiley 360 for all the great missions and let me speak my mind on topics that is used in a everyday life.


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