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Dimetapp cold and cough for kids

This could not have come at a better time, as cold and flu season is upon us. I have 3 children : 8, 7 and 6 months. This should never be used for children under 6 due to the fact it has a ingredient that will make your child tired. This year my 8 year came down with a cold and a real bad cough. I gave her her first dose at 8 am yesterday and she said she felt a little tired so , I told her to go back to sleep and see how she does. Well she fell asleep and still had the cough but she said she felt a little better. For 24 hours I was giving her this medication to help with her cough, I did have to call the Dr. and ask if it was safe to use Tylenol as well since she was running a fever as well. By giving her this around the clock every 4 hours I am very pleased to say that her cough is not as bad as it was and she did not complain of the taste of the medication as she usually does. I am pleased to say I will be buying more of these products and I handed out the coupons to friends and family to have them try it.


I received this free inexchange for spreading the word and writing this review from Smiley 360


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