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Etiquette Bathroom Solution

I love to review products. I work with many companies so when a company reaches out to me on social media such Twitter,its a honor. I have used many bathroom wipes but none seem to get the job done at times, or irritation sometimes occurs. Well I in my opinion for myself I feel the issue has been solved.

The Product I am going to discuss today is called Etiquette Bathroom solution. This is unlike any product I am ever seen. Unlike the bathroom wipes that you may have to use more then 1 wipe or you are afraid your going to clog your spetic tank. Well look no further, here comes Etiquette the Bathroom solution. The bottle comes in 2 colors clear and blue, and which I chose the blue.

So your wondering what is soo different about this is,well you unscrew the cap and take off the protection covering the product. After that then you would place the silver cap, it has a clear stick attached to the new cap you will be placing on the bottle. What is great about this is you use your own toliet paper instead of wipes so no worries about clogging the tank.

When you place the toliet paper over the silver cap, you will have to pop the silver top open to place the toliet paper on the cover, when placing the toliet paper on it you just pump against the lid until you get the amount of solution on the paper you need to wipe. This solution is for the bottom only.

So, what is in the solution? It holds about 7 ounces of natural solutuion which includes Aloe, vitamin A and E. This comes with a a dispense holder that you can attach to the wall if you choose. I love that it is organic and I have not had any irritation or sensitivity.

You can find this product the 2 following sites :

and at amazon :

I received this product free in exchanged for a honest unbiased opinion.


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