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I am a brandpower reviewer. Every once a while they choose individuals to test samples which come to be full size samples. This time around I was chosen to test a new floss that will be coming out. The Listerine floss. I received 4 flosses in different flavors

1. Gentle Gum Care mint flavor this is soft woven floss for those who have sensitive gums. I have problems with my teeth as my enamel wears off due to certain medications that I am and it causes my gums to bleed no matter what kind of floss I use, when I had the chance to try out this floss for sensitve gums I actually felt relief, it didn’t hurt nor did I have to force the floss inbetween my teeth.


3. The third one is called cool mint, this helps 61 percent of the time to get the plaque that is stuck between your teeth, more than the listerine glide floss. The mint flavor is not to strong and it glides much more easily compared to other brands out there.

4. The fourth floss is called Ultraclean it has microgroves which means its very thin to get to the hard to reach places between your gums. That means it grabs up to 2 times the recommended plaque grabber than anyother.

5. The last floss I received in this kit was a ultra clean stick with replaceable heads. I like this the most, where the other flosses I can take with me where I go , this one I can keep at home and buy the replaceable heads which inexpensive. I really like this brand now compared to my other brands I used to use.


I received this free in exchange for a review.


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