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Medicine Reminder – The Original Pocket Doctor Timer By Itzbeen – Keeps Track of All your Medications at Once

This is a life saver, I am on disability, I am so many medications and trying to find my pill bottles that I need to take is a hectic and irritable. When I got the chance to review the medicine reminder I was skepital at first not knowing how it will work. Well I am in love with this. It comes with 4 plastic bracelet enclosures that wrap around the pill bottles. On the meter it has the color of the bracket that is around the pill bottle. So, when the timer goes off for each medication you just have to grab that color pill bottle to take your medication. It also has a backlit light so if you need to take medication at night your able to see which one is going off, you can set it for am and pm. It keeps track of multiple medications at once, and there is no programming required, just set the times you take it so lets say you take a medication ay 4 pm and one at 9 pm. When it is that time the sound is loud enough so there is no excuses to Oh I didnt hear it go off. The battery life is long lasting. I have a app on my phone I use to let me know for my medications, but if my phone’s battery dies then I can’t hear it and then I miss my medication. Where this one you don’t have to worry, The battery last a long time.

Disclaimer: I was chosen to receive this at a discount rate in exchange for this honest unbiased review


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