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Nature Creation- Menstrual Cramps Reliever – Relaxing and Soothing (Pink Hearts)

This is a women’s dream come true. It could work for men, but for me it has been a life saver. I suffer from endometriosis and pcos disease. I tried the old fashion heating pad of a rice sock which you use a long sock fill it with rice and put it in the microwave. The bad thing about that is the heat doesn’t last long. So when I had the opportunity to review this menstrual cramp reliever , I was skeptical of possibly be letting down again and having no relief. There are major plus about this product that I fell in love with, when you but it in the microwave for 2 minutes if you need it a little longer all you have to do is set it for 30 more seconds. The second reason I love it is, it gives a really nice aroma , which is a lavender scent to keep me relaxed and helps with the cramps. Having to deal with these 2 diseases for the rest of my life as been a hectic life style since I been dealing with this since I was 16 years old, I am now 31 turning 32 and trying to find relief, I hate having to live with pain medication to get relief. The major bonus to this product, is that there is a Velcro that you wrap the product around you and it stays in place so you can do you everyday activities and still have the comfort you need. Compared to the rice sock that I was using I couldn’t move I had to stay laying down and the heat never lasted long.
This product comes in different designs, I chose the pink breast cancer awareness one, as I am very big promoting breast cancer , I have had family and friends who either passed or who are being treated for it.

I received this at either a discount or free in exchanged for a honest unbiased review.


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