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Trying to find the right deoderant can be a major migrain. You have to worry about will it keep me protected , will it protect when I am excercising . I have to have the anti-perspirant kind. I feel more safe and it makes me want to wear tank tops and not having to keep reapplying for the eactra protection. Well I am going to be talking about 2 Dove dry sprays.

The first one I got from Walmart they were giving away free full size samples just by watching a video. There were a few to choose from, they had some for men and some for women. I went with the Dove Dry Spray nourished beauty. What I like about is , is that it last up to 48hours. On the back above the bottle it tells you a little need to know before using for the  best results.

*Make sure you shake well before every use and hold the can 6 inches away from your arm pit.

* You would want to spray directly to the arm pit to feel the difference compared to the stick deoderants. It say 1 can lasts up to 8 weeks and I like to spray it all over my body so I have the nice moisturizer scent all over. This particular one I got from walmart.

Now on to the second Dove Dry spry this one is called Cleartone skin renew. This particular helps restore skin to its natural tone. I recieved this one free being part of the Dove community, where you get to try new products befor hitting stores. This is also a 48 hr antipersperent. Both of the above are non skin irritate, so its for sensitive skin. which is a major plus in my family, not that we were about breakouts, we rather feel safe to what we use then have a accident. This does the same thing as the nourshed beauty except it helps resore your natural feeling of your skin as the aging process starts to set in , this help with the restoring your natural beauty. I would love to thank Walmart and Dove for sending out these amazing full size products to try out and if wanted to review them. Keep a look out on these reviews on Amazon.






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