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Breast cancer means to me


I have the breast cancer gene, my mom , grandmothers , aunts and now my husband Aunt has stage 4 now. My great grandmother had breast cancer and it spread all through her body. When I was 14 I started having blood coming from my breast, I had a mammogram ever since then I get a mammogram every year , I am now 31. My mom had lumps, my grandmother had breast cancer to where she had to have her breast removed. I worry everyday since my family and husbands family went through chemo and radiation, once a month I do a self exam and every 6 months I go for a mammogram. I do this for my health and I want to see my children grow, get married and have kids. So take it from me, get check regularly, if you feel a lump don’t think its nothing get it checked out, better be safe then lose your life.

#Savethetatas !!!


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