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preparation h women’s wipes Review


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I just had a baby girl 6 weeks ago and hemorrhoids have been a big hassle, I remember when I had my 1st daughter they gave me a product called tucks for them and they really didn’t help. I tried the Preparation H Cream and I found myself using more cream to help relieve the pain and discomfort. When I had the opportunity to try a preparation H wipes for women I was hoping that it would help me, and to my surprise it worked wonders. I didn’t have to use as many as I had to go through the creams, and as many tuck wipes. I recommend this for any women who experience the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids to try this product out. It may be a little pricy like the other preparation but this is designed for women. As a new mom I totally recommend it for pregnant and post postpartum moms. I have told many of my pregnant friends about it and they even agreed they felt relief instantly. I also had non pregnant women try it out as I received samples to pass along, agave them a coupon for money off and they are willing to switch thank you Smiley for giving me the chance to try this wonderful product out.


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