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I applied for this, Not only for me but mostly my husband. This review will have 2 point of views of the product, One will be from the words of my husband and the other will be words from myself.

I am going to start out with my husband, which is mostly the reason I applied for it. He has a lot going on with his joints and muscles. He has necrosis throughout his bones from brain lesions. It started out with everything hurting on his left side so we went through months worth of testing and in and out of ICU. We found out last year that the blood flow going to his hip was eating away his muscle, tissue and bone and the only hope for him would be a complete hip replacement. He went ahead and had that done as soon as possible cause in 5 months I would be having our 1st daughter together, we have 2 other children one each from previous marriages but he want to have this done so he could be able to be there for his new born daughter. He goes every 6 months for check-ups. he did tell the Dr when he had the hip about his knee. The Dr told us that his knee can wait but he needs the hip done ASAP. Well a year later we found out that his knee has gotten so bad that it could blow anytime. The Dr told us to do heat and cold compresses 3-4 times a day 45 minutes each. Well finally as his wife I had enough I scheduled his appointment and the Dr told us the same thing with the hip it needs replacing. When I received the self heating knee support I figured it would be great for him to help him out.

We read the directions and it could take up to 30 minutes maybe longer to heat up, I did contact the company regarding this brace as he felt the heat was a little to hot for him and that it left red marks and caused a little more pain then usual. But like I said this is his opinion, does not mean it will happen to everyone.

So, I decided to try it out myself as I have arthritis really bad in my knee from a severe break I had when I was around 17. I wanted to get a first hand glimpse to see what he was talking about , well I put it on and in 25-30 minutes it heated up , and I love it, to me its not too hot and very comfortable. When we went for the scheduling procedure , I did bring the support brace with me and the Dr told us that its not the brace that caused the too much heat and uncomfortableness, its the fact on how bad the knee deterioration is, so that is why I tried it out to get a second opinion as its always good to get 2 opinions and this is the perfect situations to show that a unbiased opinion is the greatest proven that just cause it may not work for one, it may work for another.


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