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Smart weigh bathroom scale

I had the opportunity to review the Smart weigh bathroom scale, I was soo pleased with this scale, I have owned many scales and none of them come close to this one. There are so many great features regarding this scale from the number of people to did I lose , gain or no change.

It can hold a memory for up to 8 people. I know some house holds don’t have that many. I have 3 adults and 3 children living in my house. I have a daughter who we have to keep track of her weight due to medical problems and what I love about it , it lets me know if there is a weight change. If you lost weight it turns green , if you gained it turns red and if no change it stays blue.

It is very easy to tell, if you stand on it and it is not registered to you it will blink letting you know its the wrong person. I can’t say nothing bad about this scale. If I didn’t receive it for free for this review, I would most likely purchase it!

I will be posting pictures later, as I am not able to show you at this time as I am away.
I received this free for in exchanged for this review.


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