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Trojan Sensitive Touch Lubication



I am a part of the Trojan Insider program where I got specially invited to by invitation. I received, the Trojan Lubricants H2O senstive Touch with Aloe and Vitamin E. I was skeptical at first to try this , Cause I was thinking it was for more towards the sensitve skin side, But let me tell you I was all wrong in all the wrong places. My husband and I used it as a little foreplay by giving me a full body massage, As he was massaging me let me tell you, just by him rubbing his fingers all over my body and my sensitive drive me crazy spots I could not hold back the intimacy moans and aches for him. This stuff is completely amazing and I am now pleased I was able to try it, we tried so many lubes for our intimacy cause I have a issue where I dry up to quickly. we used just a dab of this lube to try out during our love making not only did it keep me wet, but as we were making love, the sensitive touch going through my body was unbearable, words can not describe how amazing it felt and how just a small touch to my body left me breathless. I would recommend this to all couples looking for a exotic intimacy with one another. This was a amazing product, and it spiced up my romantic intimacy with my husband due to not enough moisture to keep me wet and after using this, when we are intimate I feel like I am on cloud 9 and and we are able to finish what we have started.
 I tell my close friends about it, cause I am very open about talking about sex and how to keep it alive after being together 8 years married 2 and have 3 kids which the youngest just turned 1, so trying to find time to one another is hectic and being able to talk to my girl friends about how to keep the sex alive and still be a wife and a mother. Its important in my husbands and I’s relationship. 

I recieved this free in exchange for this review.


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