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Ansissy Shower Curtain Hooks, Opening Wider, Set of 12

I love these metal shower hooks. They are heavy duty, I have used plastic ones and many metal ones and after a month they used to wear and tear my shower curtain. I have a big home 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but only 1 shower, so 7 people in the home that is a lot of shower and baths that we use every week. So when I had the option to review this metal curtain hooks, I was super excited. I know excited over hooks but like I said 7 people in the home. That is a lot of shower curtains we use every 2-3 months if not more, I have 15 month old that likes to yank on the curtain so that is also a lot of wear and tear on the curtains. But we ended up buying a new curtain to try these out and since we been using them they have been holding up to a 15 month old pulling on the shower curtain with no sign of any breakage after almost a month of using them.

Disclaimer: I have received these at a discount in exchange for a review


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