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Best Bike Water Bottle Cage – Bicycle Drink Holder For Staying Hydrated On The Go – Easy To Mount – Lightweight & Rust-Free – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



This water bottle gage comes in really good handy, I have seen many that just stays on the bike that clips on and your done,This is completely durable I have to say. It has 2 screws on the holder that screws right to the frame, I like how how the bottle stay put inside the holder and doesn’t move. So, when you are on a bumpy road, it stays in place and doesn’t go any where, the mount is rust free and made of complete metal which I love about it, compare to other water bottle holders they stretch to get the bottle inside. This bottle holder does not do that, as its made of Stainless steel Aluminium alloy construction means this water bottle cage is 100% rust-free and will last you a very long time! It only takes less then 60 seconds to install and your good to go. Also to mount this cage make sure your bicycle has a pair of threaded bolt holes, they are normally located on the down tube or the seat tube. The Allan bolts are included so you don’t have to purchase those. and when you install them just tighten the bolts firmly, but don’t over tighten them.

Disclaimer : I received 2 of these at either a discount cost or free of charge for a honest unbiased review.


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